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Chk4Net-Check for Network
"The Laptop Mobility Manager"

Program Copyright© 1995- 2004, Jerry B. Byrd

The Startup Group never has worked exactly right:

  • You want different things running when on the net and off
  • Two people share the same computer and each has his/her its own preference for which programs start when Windows is started
  • You typically use one or two of the same group of programs when you start Windows, but seldom want all of them started, yet finding the right group and icon to click is bothersome and time-consuming.
  • As you move from task to task (e.g. document preparation to financial analysis to presentations, etc.) you need several programs started and the "hunt is on" to find the 3 or 4 you wish you could start with one quick click.


You use your laptop at the office on the network and off the net when you take it home or on the road. Of course you need to run some things only when you first shift from network to stand-alone. If you want different programs to start-up in each of these modes (i.e. network circumstances), Chk4Net provides just the flexibility you need! It supports three modes and starts a different set of programs for each:

  • On the network
  • Off the network
  • First time to change to/from the network

If there are two users, Chk4Net can let each launch a different set of programs when Windows is started.

Chk4Net will go through your list of startup programs and do what you choose for it to do:

  • Execute (Run) the program unconditionally
  • Ask the user if the program should be executed, then follow the instructions
  • Skip the program unconditionally
  • Answer all future questions for executing as Yes or No
  • Cancel execution of remaining programs

Chk4Net will let you set up a group of programs to be automatically (or with the questions above) executed by just double-clicking on one icon.

After starting the execution of each program, CHK4NET can be set-up to perform any one of three post-execution actions:

  • Proceed to next program
  • Pause until the user indicates a desire to proceed
  • Wait until the current program completes, then proceed to the next program

CHK4NET supports the use of many execution switches that

modify the behavior of the program. Some that are available:

/c Instructs CHK4NET to continuously read the file list,

follow the execution instructions and then close down.

/Me Use the environment variable CHK4NET=net instead of

the presence of network as basis for program


/a Instructs CHK4NET to ask user which option to assume:

net, no-net, or changed


If you have gotten this far, you have obviously unzipped the set of files, or are receiving this by diskette. To install, select the File menu item on the Program Manager (the main) screen, then select Run. Type in the location of the SETUP.EXE file below (from diskette is usually A:\setup.exe). The program will install itself. The first note below talks about a file you may need, if you got this in the zip format. Don't worry, you probably won't need it, just wait and see.

The setup program will copy all the necessary files to the right place on your disk and then create a program group called Chk4Net.

To run Chk4Net just double-click on the Chk4Net icon. You will have 30 days to evaluate Chk4Net and see if you like it. There is also a short grace period available. Notes are available within Chk4Net to register it, if you want to continue using it.



  • SETUP1.EX_
  • SPIN.VB_
  • VER.DL_
  • Additional file on diskette:



    Any computer capable of running Windows.


    For network checking, network software (** This is not
    required for many useful functions **)


  • 1. A large file named, VBRUN300.dll, is required by Chk4Net, but is not included in the zip file, in order to save a large amount of space for faster transmission via modems. It is probably already on your computer, since so many programs use, even though it is not included with Windows. If you need this file, it is available from many sources: CompuServe, the INTERNET, or from me. Just drop me an Email to the address below, or write to the address, I'll send it to you. Of course, there is no charge. If Chk4Net runs on your machine, it means you have the file.
  • 2. If you set Chk4Net to check for a network and you have never had a network installed on your computer, you may get a "netware.drv file not found" error when the program runs. That is ok, it just means you are not on the network. The program will still run fine.

  • If you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact:

    Program Copyright© 1995-2004, Jerry B. Byrd

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