Ken Medema's Great Song (to download mp3, click here)

for First Baptist Church, McKinney, Texas
October 3, 1982

What If It All Started in McKinney, Texas?

That little place in Texas

That they don’t know in New York,

They don’t know in Los Angeles,

They don’t know in Chicago.


Everyone knows Houston.

And everyone knows Dallas.

Who knows McKinney?

That’s what I’d like to know.


But could it be,

One fine day,

All across the nation,

People will say:


“Do you know McKinney Texas?

That’s where revival came!

Honor and glory

To God’s name!”


There’s a church there in McKinney,

Has not built a sanctuary,

Meeting in a temporary

Quarters, at best.


And they’re soon to build a building

And that’s all to their credit

And yet I wonder,

Is there something more?


Could the time come some day when

All the world will say,

“It started in McKinney

Like we’ve never seen before.”


Little church in temporary quarters

Where the spirit once descended

And all at once

Opened up the door!


It all began down there in McKinney!

It all began:

The revival that turned

The world around.


It all began:

Down there, in McKinney!

When the power of the spirit came down.


Now maybe this is more

Than folks around here are ready for,

Maybe it’s more than even you can tolerate.


Maybe you would like for Sundays

Just to keep on going on and

Pleasant words; pleasant stuff;

Don’t be too late.


You all folks in Sunday school,

Musical gimmick here and there.

Preacher wears a new tie,

So everyone can see.


What if something happened?

The wind began to blow!

Tongues of fire would leap across your head!

How would that be?


It’d be a scary day in old McKinney, Texas!

Nobody’d know just exactly what to do.


It’d be a scary day in old McKinney, Texas!

When the spirit of God took hold of you

Wind began to blow through you

And the fire began to burn through you

And it burned away the dross

And kept the gold!


Well, I wouldn’t get too worried:

Things like that don’t happen often.

It’s very rare indeed,

To see a thing like that.


Calm down.  Don’t get frightened.

It’s gonna be alright,

And probably Sundays will keep going

Like they’ve always gone before.


Unless, of course . . .


Unless, of course . . .


“And it all started in McKinney.,”

I dreamed I heard the people say.

“And it all started in McKinney

And that was a glory-filled

Salvation day.”


“Yeah, it all started in McKinney,”

I heard the angles say,

“Yes it all started in McKinney,

And the kingdom grew by leaps and bounds that day.”


And it all started in McKinney:

Wind started blowing

And the fire started burning through.


And it all started in McKinney!

Lord, them folks didn’t know quite what to do . . . .


What if a dream like that . . . .

Let her come true.

© 1982 Ken Medema