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Senior Manager
Technology Overview

This is about getting all senior management on the same technology page.  It is a half day workshop that will help your entire senior management team catch the same awareness of emerging technologies and how they can impact your organization:  to help, or to hurt. 

We will level the playing field by using our technologists (who speak fluent manager-eze) to conduct this high-impact session at your site.

Here is the agenda:

bulletKey Technology Issues Within Your Organization
bulletStructural adjustments in the technology world
bulletTechnology shifts that impact you, whether you want to or not
bulletImplications of emerging technologies
bulletHow technology can be leveraged
bulletHow Change CAN be leveraged (a visioning dialogue)
bulletLeveraging change

What does this workshop cost?

bulletVaries by number of consultants, normally two are used

Most organizations should use with two consultants, but very small organizations might get by with one

bullet$1,750 for two consultants, $1,000 for one consultant.  Actual out of pocket expenses are additional

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