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Organizational Assessment
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Supply Chain Management

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Organizational Assessment

As an organizational leader in a world of hyper-change, you probably have a lot of haunting questions that need answers. 

Where do you turn?  Who do you ask?

This three-day review of your organization provides an independent assessment of the current "state of the union."   Upper level  leadership and management, as well as many others, are included in the discovery process.  A typical agenda is available to provide some insight for the activities involved.  Of course, it will be adapted to fit each client's situation.


Senior Manager Technology Overview (New!)

How do you get all of your senior management on the same technology page, considering the blizzard of emerging technologies that bombard our senses with demand for attention?

This half day workshop will help your entire senior management team catch the same awareness of emerging technologies and how they can impact your organization:  to help, or to hurt.  Level the playing field by asking our technologists (who speak fluent manager-eze) to conduct this high-impact session at your site.



Litigation Support

Our experience in software systems, systems selection, and implementation leadership makes us an ideal partner to provide litigation support in the high technology arena.  Contract evaluation, process management, expert witnesses are all available.


Strategy Development

You need a strategy, a roadmap to know where you are going and why you are doing what you do.  We can help you develop your information and organizational strategy to take you and your organization into the next millenium.  We will conduct interviews with your people to be sure the strategy is yours, not ours.  you will receive several deliverables:  Findings Analysis, Strategic Alternatives, and The Five-Year Plan.


Selection Assistance

You need a new information system.  Everybody in the organization has an idea what what you need and how to proceed. 

What you really need is someone who has been there before.  Our professionals have assisted clients to select hundreds of new systems.  We will help you determine your needs, craft an approach and  definition that you can provide to potential vendors.  If you want to take the ball from there, fine.

If you prefer, we can help your people evaluate proposals, experience system demonstrations and even negotiate contracts.


Implementation Assistance

New technology is coming everyday.  Hardware, software, systems and tools.   We can work with you through the implementation of your new technology, freeing your people to do what they know best:  doing the business tasks they are assigned.  

We can augment your staff, work with vendors, resolve complex issues and resolve problems to get your system in and up.  So you can go back to doing what only you can do.


Change Management

Your doing ok.  But everyone else seems to be doing better.  New approaches seem right, but change seems so dangerous. 

How do you navigate the treacherous waters?

We can help you assess your options:  help you determine if change is even necessary.  Then help you decide what changes to make; and how; and when; and who.  

It is too scary to walk through change alone.  Take a change professional with you.


On-line Presence/eCommerce

Ok.  Time is up.  You've got to do it.  But everyone has the "best" idea for how to get your organization on-line.  The Internet looks like a way to be successful, but it also looks like it could be easy to make a lot of mistakes.

We are taking our experience in technology and the Internet (before it was called that) and providing a whole range of services to help you  get there.  The right way.  Your way.


Supply Chain Management

Consulting Professionals, Inc. Supply Chain Service Offerings are designed to assist Manufacturing and Distribution companies in overcoming problems like those listed above in a way that maximizes the return on their investment in Information Technology. The scope of services often include one or more of the following types of systems which typically make up the majority of the investment:

bulletManufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
bulletEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
bulletAdvanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
bulletOrder Entry
bulletWarehouse Management

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