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Supply Chain Offerings

Business Problem Potential Root Cause Service/Work Product Benefits
Sales forecasts are too inaccurate

- Top mgt has not committed sufficient resources

- The functions within the company are not working together in this area

- Inadequate IT systems

Audit of current state. Plan and assistance in bringing the Demand Management business process into conformance with current best practices.

- Better customer service

- Lower inventory

- Lower obsolescence

On-time delivery or order fill rates below customer expectations

- Poor forecast accuracy

- Lack of collaboration with customers

- Focus on utilization in manufacturing

Assistance in implementing customer collaboration and the best of Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Lean Manufacturing

- Improved on-time delivery

- Improved order fill rates· Increased sales

Too much working capital tied up in inventory 

- Poor forecast accuracy

- Focus on utilization in manufacturing

- Lack of collaboration with suppliers

Assistance in implementing supplier collaboration, Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean Manufacturing and world class Demand Management

- Less inventory

- Working capital available for other use

The need to make more with less in the manufacturing facility

- Insufficient profitability

- Focus on utilization in manufacturing

- The manufacturing approach is "push" rather than "pull"

Assistance in implementing the best of Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Lean Manufacturing

- Increased profitability

- Improved customer service

- Lower inventory

The total cost of information system ownership is increasing

- System not implemented as designed

- Original design no longer valid

- System users not using all appropriate functions and features

- System is not able to support best practices

Assistance creating the business case for change. Re-implementation of the software you currently own. Assistance in new software selection, implementation, and support.

- Lower total cost of information system ownership

- Competitive advantage through new Supply Chain capabilities

Detailed Supply Chain Management discussion

Managing Principal for Supply Chain projects
Principal Consultants


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