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Organizational Assessment

You probably have lots of questions:

bulletAre you on the right track? 
bulletIs your organization optimized? 
bulletCan your people handle the marketplace of tomorrow? 
bulletWhat keeps you from that next level of growth? 
bulletCan your technology environment handle tomorrow ... and beyond? 
bulletWhat are your profit constraints? 
bulletAre you viewing your market correctly? 
bulletWhat about a succession plan? 
bulletDo you have an adequate perspective of processes? 
bulletWhat about "quality"?  ISO 9000? 
bulletWhat about global markets?

How are you getting answers?

bulletBusiness as usual and hope they answer themselves
bulletCall another meeting of senior management
bulletAsk your accountant

To make a difference ...
bulletEngage an Organizational Assessment

What is an Organizational Assessment?

bulletA three day, on-site review of your organization by one or more principal consultants
bulletPrivate interviews with your leadership team to determine their perspectives
bulletSmall group meetings with others in your organization to understand their perspectives as well
bulletA high-level over-view of your financial strategy and situation
bulletA review of your technology tools and technology personnel
bulletA private review of findings for you
bulletAn optional presentation of findings to a selected Leadership Team
bulletBrainstorming session with selected Leadership Team to consider findings and actions going forward
bulletExit review with you
bullet"Findings and Options" deliverable documentation of the Assessment and the results of the brainstorming session

What does an Organizational Assessment cost?

bulletVaries by number of consultants (which varies by size of organization and number of interviews to be held)
bulletMost organizations, up to about $25-30 million in sales can be done with a single consultant, up to $100 million with 2 and up to $400-500 million with 3 consultants.   Larger organizations require discussion and scope definition.
bullet$5,000 for one consultant, $9,000 for two and $13,000 for three consultants.   Actual out of pocket expenses are additional.

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