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Public Speakers

The speakers have years of experience in innovative communication that makes a difference.  Subjects range from business, futurism, values and tea-talks.  If you have another need, our public speakers can develop a presentation will meet your expectations, or find someone who can.

bulletJanice E. Byrd

Janice is a sought-after speaker for a wide variety of groups.  She provides inspiration, insight and encouragement as she touches on issues and ideas relevant in today's society.

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bulletPatty Lane

Patty is a interculturalist who speaks on the impact of culture on relationships in the organization.  She brings 22 years of experience in multi-cultural settings from the complexities of the middle east to the immediate demands of recent immigrants to the United States.  She assists organizations with sensitivity, communication and values training, in an increasingly global community.

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bulletJerry B. Byrd

Jerry is a futurist who speaks on key areas of change that impact all organizational in our hyper-change-oriented world.  He brings real-world, non-technical easy-to-understand logic for complex  emerging technology and issues such as team building, quality Year 2000 (Y2K), people development and growth-oriented re-engineering.

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