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Change management for the third millennium .......


As almost everyone anticipates coming change, many also anticipate how to respond to those changes:

bulletSome will naively hope change will not affect them, at least adversely
bulletSome will resist to the last possible moment
bulletSome will see change as inevitable for improvement, and seek ways to use change to their own benefit

Consulting Professionals, Inc. brings real-world management expertise to discover latent and powerfully positive opportunities in times of stress and change for many kinds of organizations:

bulletSoftware and other high-technology companies
bulletManufacturing organizations
bulletPublic safety, local government and other not-for-profit organizations
bulletOrganizations with high growth opportunities
bulletOrganizations in decline
bulletOrganizations with new market opportunities domestically, in the western hemisphere, and/or world-wide

The Reality of Change

bullet"Nothing is more certain than uncertainty"
bullet"One thing that must never change is an unwavering readiness to change"
bullet"It is true about tomorrow:
            when tomorrow comes, one still won't know about tomorrow"

Our People

The power and quality of a professional services organization is measured by its people. This is certainly true of Consulting Professionals, Inc..

Meet our Principal Consultants.

Our Products

Consulting Professionals provides significant value through its wide variety of products that meet specific, and often specialized, needs of our clients. We often design special products for our clients to meet emerging or specialized situations or business requirements.

bulletService Products
bulletSoftware Products

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