Ken Medema (visit Ken's web site)

Ken Medema is a prophet for our time.  We first heard him when visited our little county-seat church in 1982.  You can hear and read the prophetic words of his prophecy to us.

We recently got his graciously free song "When I See America".  I don't have the words, but I do have the link to the youtube video and an mp3 so you can download it to listen.

We had a sermon series "Why not now?" The last sermon ends with Ken's old song of prophecy for us.  Here is how that went . . .
The music video alone is also available on YouTube

Let us add that what was our little 300+ church when Ken came, now celebrates each Sunday with about 2,500 people!  Every year we have about 30 mission adventures, from across town to the far corners of the earth, serving the lost, the marginalized, the poor, those far from God, including the powerful and the mighty:  all of God's creation.  We have 9 families sent out by our church plus 8 more with other sending agencies for whom we provide various kinds of support.  Within our facility there are 3 specialized congregations: Chinese, Korean and African American, plus a Spanish language congregation that formerly met with us, but now has their own building.  Finally, a Cowboy Church has be birthed as well.

Praise God!  What if it all started in McKinney, Texas?

We saw a moment of ministry by Ken on YouTube.  Watch Ken Medema improvise a 5 minute song at the 2008 National Pastors Convention. He created this song just after watching Shane Claiborne be interviewed about his book, Jesus for President.