Jerry & Janice Byrd

Consulting Professionals, Inc. Home Page is the place to visit for information about the company Jerry used to have.
        Jason now has this identity and you can see his web site
Consulting Professionals, Inc. is the place to visit for information about Janice's work. is the place to visit for information about the organization where Jerry now serves.

Our home

We are so happy that God has provided a wonderful place for us to live! We have pictures and a map as well as other information for contacting us, including phone, fax and email.

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Ken Medema

We heard this prophet at our church in 1982.  He sang a song that he wrote while with us that seems to be coming true!

Our family

Information is provided about our family and photos as well. There are email addresses for the ones we have.

All of their children came to Wichita Falls on November 15th to celebrate Bill and Clifta's 60th Anniversary.  There are more pictures...


We are fortunate to have friends all over the world. 

We recently celebrated Anne Presley's birthday with our Bible Study group.  We have pictures.


Our family has been traveling overseas each year since 1973 to share the power of a personal relationship with God's Redeemer, Jeshua Messiah (Jesus, the Christ). There is a lot of information about our mission experiences both in preparation and in actual participation.

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